Is Professional Area Rug Cleaning Worth it?

Professional area rug cleaning. Grey armchair with fur cushion and sofa standing in white sitting room interior with small coffee table with book placed on clean area righ

Proper care and maintenance of your area rugs is crucial to keeping your home or business looking its best, . Not only do dirty rugs affect the appearance of your space, but they can also harbor allergens and bacteria. That’s why it’s essential to invest in professional area rug cleaning.

But what does professional area rug cleaning cost? The answer can vary depending on the size and condition of your rugs and the cleaning method used. While it may be tempting to try DIY cleaning methods the cost of these options can be higher in the long run. DIY methods can be ineffective, leading to the need for multiple cleanings or even costly repairs. And non-professional services may use harsh chemicals or techniques that can damage your rugs.

Steam Cleaning or Very-Low Moisture?

Two popular options are steam cleaning and very-low moisture (VLM) cleaning. Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, uses a high-pressure stream of hot water and a cleaning solution to deep clean the rug fibers. It can effectively remove dirt and stains, but it can also be more expensive and take longer for the rug to dry due to a large amount of water used. On the other hand, VLM cleaning uses minimal water and the power of natural enzymes, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective option. It also has a much quicker drying time, usually just a few hours. When deciding on the best cleaning method for your area rugs, it’s essential to consider cost, drying time, and environmental impact.

As mentioned, the VLM cleaning process is much quicker than traditional wet cleaning because it uses 70% less water, and the rug is able to dry much faster, usually within just a few hours. In addition to its quick drying time, VLM cleaning is also eco-friendly. Traditional wet cleaning methods can use a significant amount of water, which can be detrimental to the environment. With VLM cleaning, you can feel good about using a more sustainable cleaning method.

What is the Process for VLM Area Rug Cleaning?

So, how does the VLM area rug cleaning process work at Be Green Carpet Cleaning? Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Power Rake: Very-Low Moisture area rug cleaning begins with a dry extraction. This starts with vigorous raking using a nylon pile brush to dislodge trapped particles base of rug fibers. 
  2. Professional Vacuum: Once the rug fibers have been agitated, the dust and dirt are ready to be removed with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Your technician will be meticulous as they remove this debris, leaving only fats and oils (protein) behind.
  3. Pretreatment: Applied directly to everyday household stains (such as food and drink) and soiled areas. In addition to being eco-friendly, this enzymatic solution is 100% safe for children and pets. For the consideration of other clients, most pet soiling or similar contamination will require DeoGerm to neutralize stubborn stains and odors. Before any work has begun, your technician will inform you if this is necessary.
  4. Very Low-Moisture (VLM) Cleanse: Our powerful dry foam cleaning solution is massaged into the rug fibers with a rotary machine. Our VLM method relies on natural encapsulation chemicals that surround and capture dirt instead of “wet” cleaning, which uses detergents to loosen the dirt. With 70% less water and waste, carpets and rugs are less prone to mold and mildew. Thus, suctioning water out of the area rug is unnecessary.  Our VLM cleaning process dries within 2 – 4 hours without using harsh chemicals or leaving any sticky residue.
  5. Final Grooming: During this last step, your technician will reset the rug’s nap or pile back to its original height, making it look and feel amazingly clean. As the area rug dries, the all-natural enzyme evaporates, leaving microscopic amounts of protein encapsulated by the natural polymers in the cleansing foam. You can easily remove these invisible particles with your regular vacuuming schedule once they are encapsulated. This results in a clean, safe, and fresh-smelling area rug without any sticky residue.

Final Take Away:

As you can see, the Be Green area ru cleaning process is thorough yet gentle. And with its quick drying time and eco-friendliness, it’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to keep their area rugs looking their best.

If you’re interested in learning more about our VLM rug cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will answer any questions and help you schedule a cleaning appointment. We look forward to working with you to keep your area rugs looking their best!

You can request an in-person estimate for Area Rugs by scheduling your appointment online right now.


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4 Benefits of Cleaning Your Carpets Before Moving In

Close Up Of Man Carrying A Clean Sofa As He Moves Into a New Home

Moving can be a fun adventure, but more often than not, it is simply a stressful experience. There are many things to think about, from packing and organizing to getting all your stuff from one place to another. However, one crucial task often overlooked is cleaning your carpets before the big move.

Whether moving into a new home or leaving an old one behind, cleaning your carpets can make a huge difference in your home’s overall appearance and value. Here’s why you should consider adding carpet cleaning to your moving to-do list.

Benefits of Cleaning Carpets Before Moving In

If you have the time and opportunity, cleaning your carpets before you move into your new home is a great idea. Here’s why:

  1. Remove stains and odors: If your new home’s carpets have any visible stains or unpleasant odors, cleaning them before you move will help eliminate these problem areas. If the previous owners had pets, this is even more crucial. 
  2. Create a healthier home environment: When you move into a new home, unless you are the first people to live there, chances are the carpets have some nasty microscopic house guests that decided to stay. Carpets act as a giant filter, trapping dust, dirt, and microbes that can lead to allergies and odors. A professional cleaning can rid your home of these unwanted guests and help improve your indoor air quality.
  3. Easier to clean: If you’re moving into a new home, you’ll probably want to do a deep clean to get everything looking and smelling fresh. Cleaning your carpets before you move will make this task much easier, as you won’t have to worry about trying to maneuver around boxes and furniture.
  4. Save time: If you wait until after you move to clean your carpets, you’ll have to deal with the hassle of moving everything out of the way. This can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you’re already stretched thin with other moving tasks. By cleaning your carpets before you move, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Benefits of Cleaning Carpets Before Selling Your Home

Cleaning your carpets before you sell your home has several benefits. First and foremost, it helps improve your home’s overall appearance, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Clean carpets give the impression that the home is well-maintained and cared for, which can increase its value in the eyes of potential buyers.

Additionally, dirty or stained carpets can be a major turn-off for potential buyers, leading them to walk away from the purchase. By investing in professional carpet cleaning, you can eliminate stains and dirt that might otherwise be a deal breaker.

Cleaning your carpets can also help to remove allergens and other contaminants that can trigger allergies or respiratory issues. This can be especially important for individuals with allergies or sensitivities and can make your home more attractive to a broader range of potential buyers.

Overall, cleaning your carpets before you sell your home is a simple but effective way to improve the appearance and value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.


Beautiful empty room with designed angle wall, clean carpet floor. Open to a hallway.

Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaner

If you decide to get, your carpets cleaned before you move or sell your home, choosing a reputable and reliable carpet cleaning company is essential. Here are a few things to consider when making your choice:

  1. Experience: Look for a company that has been in business for a while and has a proven track record of providing high-quality carpet cleaning services.
  2. Method: Consider the type of cleaning method the company uses. Two popular methods today are steam cleaning and very-low moisture (VLM). Carpet cleaning has come a long way in the past 20 years, and each has different pros and cons that are worth looking into.
  3. Customer service: Choose a company with a reputation for excellent customer service. This can help ensure that you have a positive experience and get the results you’re looking for.
  4. Price: Be sure to get quotes from multiple companies to compare prices and ensure you’re getting a fair deal. However, be wary of companies that quote significantly lower prices than their competitors, as they may use subpar equipment or methods.
  5. Safety: Look for a carpet cleaning company that is happy to explain their process and the products they will use. Many companies still use harsh chemicals that are toxic to breath and harmful to the environment.

By considering these factors, you can help ensure that you choose a reliable and reputable carpet cleaning company that will provide top-quality services and help make your moving or selling experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.


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What’s the Best Way to Clean Carpet?

Spot Treat Carpet Stain

Carpet Cleaning is a very subjective subject, and there are so many different recommendations and claims all across the internet. Carpet flooring is one of the most expensive investments in our homes, and at the end of the day, we all want the same end result: Great looking, fresh-smelling, soft, stain-free carpets that last for years.

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