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Orlando, Florida, is known for its warm and humid climate. Although beautiful, this type of climate can significantly impact carpets in the area. The high humidity levels can quickly lead to the growth of mold and mildew, causing carpets to become discolored and musty. 

One way to combat the adverse effects of weather on carpets in the Sunshine State is to invest in professional carpet cleaning services. These services use specialized equipment and techniques to provide a deeper clean that removes dirt, stains, and other contaminants that can build up over time. One method that is particularly effective in humid environments is the very low moisture (VLM) method. This method uses minimal water and specialized cleaning products to deep clean carpets without damping them. The VLM method can be especially beneficial in Orlando as it helps prevent mold and mildew growth on carpets, a common problem in the region’s high humidity.

In addition to regular professional carpet cleaning, a few other steps can be taken to protect carpets in Orlando from the effects of the weather. Using a dehumidifier can help reduce the humidity levels in a home or business, preventing mold and mildew growth on carpets. Using doormats and encouraging people to remove their shoes when entering a home or business can also help to prevent dirt and other contaminants from being tracked onto carpets.

Overall, the weather in Orlando can have a significant impact on carpets. Still, regular VLM professional carpet cleaning and other preventive measures can keep carpets looking and smelling fresh despite local climate challenges.

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There are many benefits of local carpet cleaning. Not only will your home look and smell fresh, but the air quality will also be healthier for your family and pets. 

For more stubborn stains, such as those from pet accidents, Be Green’s local carpet cleaning cleaners may recommend using DeoGerm. DeoGerm is a power deodorizer with disinfecting properties that effectively eliminate germs and bacteria. It can kill dust mites that live off skin cells and alleviate stale odors from contamination, pet dander, and urine issues.

Your Be Green Orlando carpet cleaner will review all recommendations with you before beginning any work.


Our 5-step Process For Orlando Carpet Cleaning

step 1: power rakePower Rake – During this initial step, your carpets are vigorously raked by hand using a specialized nylon pile brush. In this crucial “mechanical cleaning” step, trapped particles are dislodged from the base of carpet fibers. 


Step 2: High powered vaccuumVacuum – After the carpet fibers have been power-raked and agitated, the dust and dirt are ready to be removed with a high-powered professional vacuum cleaner.


Step 3: PretreatmentPretreatment – A pretreatment will be applied directly to everyday household stains (such as food and drink spills and high-traffic areas). In addition to being eco-friendly, this enzymatic solution is 100% safe for children and pets.


Step 4: Enzyme Cleanse Low-Moisture (VLM) Cleanse – After the enzyme has digested the oils and proteins, a dry foam cleaning solution is massaged into the carpet fibers with a rotary floor machine. The VLM method relies on natural encapsulation chemicals that surround and capture dirt.


Step 5 - Final GroomingFinal Grooming – During this last step, your Orlando carpet cleaner will groom the carpet pile once again with the power rake. This gives the carpet some of its original luster and fluffiness while giving the fibers space to dry. As the carpet dries, the all-natural enzymes crystallize into microscopic amounts encapsulated by the natural polymers in the cleansing foam.

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A Whole-house Approach to A Healthy Home Environment

For a whole-house approach that protects our family’s health and your investment, we recommend adding our DeoGerm, a natural deodorizer with disinfecting properties, and Guard, a plant-based protective coating designed to reduce re-soiling and staining.

Used in combination with our Standard Maintenance Cleaning, DeoGerm is an organic deodorizer with disinfecting properties. It eliminates germs and bacteria, kills off dust mites that live off skin cells, and alleviates stale odors from everyday household germs and contamination, pet dander, and urine issues. By removing these microscopic pests trapped between your carpet fibers, DeoGerm will significantly improve the overall air quality in your home. 

DeoGerm may be applied as a whole-house deodorizer or only in specific rooms (stairs or furniture) that need advanced cleaning (quantities may vary). 

You may also choose to reprotect your carpets, area rugs, and upholstery with our stain Guard. This spray-on application recreates the surface barrier that your carpet had when it was new. 

Guard’s natural protectant fills the carpet pores with a clear filament. This adds a layer of protection against stains, soils, spots, and grit. After application, regular vacuuming will remove dirt and grit more efficiently, and carpets will retain their natural texture and appearance longer.

Ask your Orlando carpet cleaning technician about DeoGerm and Guard to learn more.



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