Carpet Cleaning in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Sante Fe, New Mexico

Carpet cleaning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, can be significantly affected by the area’s unique weather conditions, temperature, and humidity levels. A semi-arid climate, with abundant sunshine, low humidity, and fluctuating temperatures throughout the year, characterizes Santa Fe. These factors can impact the efficiency and results of carpet cleaning, as well as the drying time and potential for mold and mildew growth.

The entire region is known for its sudden, brief thunderstorms, especially during the monsoon season from July to September. These storms can bring an influx of moisture into the area, which may increase the humidity levels temporarily. This sudden increase in humidity can prolong the drying time for carpets and create a more favorable environment for mold and mildew growth.

Vey low moisture carpet cleaning methods are particularly efficient in Santa Fe, New Mexico, due to the region’s dry climate and low humidity levels. These methods require less water, which not only conserves a valuable resource in an arid environment, but also leads to faster drying times and reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth, ensuring a clean and healthy indoor space.

See and smell the difference of an eco-friendly, very-low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning with Be Green Carpet Cleaning in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our professional and experienced technicians provide the best carpet cleaning solutions without using steam or wet extraction methods. Our unique 5-step process ensures a thorough clean while being gentle on the environment and safe for your family and pets.

A home interior in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a clean area rug.

Let Our Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners Handle It All!

There are many benefits of local carpet cleaning. Not only will your home look and smell fresh and clean, but the air quality will also be healthier for your family and pets. 

Be Green’s local carpet cleaning services in Santa Fe, New Mexico utilize a Very-low Moisture process with safe, non-toxic solutions. These solutions effectively eliminate germs and bacteria, kills off dust mites that live off skin cells, and alleviate stale odors from everyday household germs and contamination, pet dander, and urine issues.


Our 5-step Process For Local Carpet Cleaning

step 1: power rake
Power Rake – During this initial step, your carpets are vigorously raked by hand using a specialized nylon pile brush. In this crucial “mechanical cleaning” step, trapped particles are dislodged from the base of carpet fibers.
Step 2: High powered vaccuum
Vacuum – After the carpet fibers have been power raked and agitated, the dust and dirt are ready to be removed with a high-powered professional vacuum cleaner.
Step 3: Pretreatment
Pretreatment – A pretreatment will be applied directly to everyday household stains (such as food and drink spills and high-traffic areas). In addition to being eco-friendly, this enzymatic solution is 100% safe for children and pets.
Step 4: Enzyme Cleanse
Very Low-Moisture (VLM) Cleanse – After the enzyme has digested the oils and proteins, a dry foam cleaning solution is massaged into the carpet fibers with a rotary floor machine. The VLM method relies on natural encapsulation chemicals that surround and capture dirt.
Step 5 - Final Grooming
Final Grooming – During this last step, your Salt Lake City carpet cleaner will again groom the carpet pile with the power rake. This gives the carpet some of its original luster and fluffiness while giving the fibers space to dry. As the carpet dries, the all-natural enzymes crystallize into microscopic amounts encapsulated by the natural polymers in the cleansing foam.

Important Information

Our Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Areas Served: Santa Fe, Agua Fria, La Cienega, Tesuque, and some surrounding areas. Call to check availability in your area.

Hours: Monday – Friday, 7 AM–6 PM; Saturday, 8 AM–2 PM; Sunday Closed

Phone: (505) 217-9158

Be Green’s Professional Cleaning Services in Santa Fe, New Mexico

With our very low moisture (VLM) approach, our expert Service Technician in Santa Fe can clean upholstery, area rugs, mattresses, and a wide variety of furniture.

Our low moisture cleaning method uses 70% less water than traditional steam cleaning and does not leave behind a sticky residue. Our eco-friendly process is safe for babies, pets, and the environment. From smaller to larger, your professional carpet cleaner is prepared to tackle it all, including:

  • Area Rugs
  • Sofas & Couches
  • Large Sectionals
  • Love Seats
  • ArmChairs
  • Ottomans
  • Dining & office chairs
  • Mattresses (non-foam only)

* Some fabrics may not be cleanable. * Testing will be performed if needed

Our VLM cleaning method is safe for various materials, such as wool, microfiber, polyester, and nylon. For added stain-fighting power, speak to your Service Provider about adding DeoGerm, an organic deodorizer with disinfecting properties. For added protection, after our Standard Maintenance Cleaning process, you may choose to add a new protective Guard. This spray-on application recreates the surface barrier that your carpet had when it was new.


Service is available in the following areas: 85707, 87501, 87504, 87505, 87506, 87507, 87508, 87532

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