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Professional upholstery and furniture cleaning

We spend some of life’s most precious moments lounging with our families on our furniture. It’s no surprise that our furniture quickly becomes the victim to spills, messes, stains, and overall wear & tear. We know exactly what it takes to make your upholstery and furniture smell fresh and look brand new again.

Our upholstery and furniture cleaning services impress our clients every single time, which is why we have no problem offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are the best local furniture cleaning company you could choose.

Upholstery and furniture cleaning services:

  1. Pre-treat:

    Firstly, the entire upholstery cleaning process is kicked off with our natural enzyme cleaning solution. The pretreatment or “spotter” is a protein based solution that has been prepared ahead of time and has been fermenting for several months. This solution is made up of healthy bacteria that breaks down and consumes organic material like urine, feces, and food. The enzyme pre-treatment is applied with a sprayer and is the cornerstone to our furniture cleaning process because it naturally breaks down the gunk and other soils in the upholstery fabric. Your technician will use their professional experience and expert judgement to apply more or less solution to specific areas.

  2. Shampoo:

    Next, after the pre-treatment solution has broken down all of the soils in your furniture, your technician will use a sponge to apply a specially formulated fabric shampoo. The shampoo is great at dissolving fats, dirt, and anything else that hasn’t already been consumed. The solution is then absorbed and removed with clean towels. We use a hand process because it’s important to be gentle on the upholstery fabric in order to make sure the fabric isn’t frayed or damaged permanently.

  3. Disinfect / Deodorize (Optional):

    In addition to the pre-treatment and shampooing, our clients who want their upholstery and furniture cleaning to have the best results will opt to include a disinfection treatment as well. Our disinfectant / deodorizing solution contains alcohol and light fragrance that leaves behind a fresh pleasant smell. Adding this optional add-on will kill any germs, bacteria, and viruses that have made their way into your furniture’s fabric.

  4. Protection Guard (Optional):

    Finally, soil retardant is a silicate based product used for the purpose of adding a protective layer around the fabric to prevent stains and soils in the future. This product coats the carpet with an invisible finish adding a barrier of protection against stains, soils, spots, and grit. After application, routine vacuuming will remove dirt and grit more easily. Your upholstery and furniture will retain the original texture and appearance for a while longer. Soil retardant (Guard) can extend the life of upholstery and help it stay clean longer. In fact, when your furniture was purchased brand new, it most likely came with a protection solution pre-applied. However, protection solutions are not a permanent force-field and do get worn away over time with normal wear & tear.

Types of furniture:

  • Couches
  • Chairs
  • Loveseats
  • Sectionals
  • Ottomans
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • Sofas

Frequently asked questions:

How long will it take my furniture cleaning to dry?

Typically, furniture and upholstery takes about 2-4 hours to dry after a thorough cleaning.

Where can I find an upholstery cleaner near me?

Be Green offers professional upholstery and furniture cleaning services in all the same area where carpet cleaning services are offered. For a complete list of serviceable areas visit our locations page.

What types of fabric does Be Green clean?

Be Green service providers can clean polyester, microfiber, and other types of synthetic fabric. Generally, we do not clean cotton or leather. Ask you service provider for more information. A professional estimate will be provided on site for any types of uncommon materials.

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    Be Green Upholstery Cleaning Reviews

    Charles was very professional and prompt. Explained everything , and just took his time in making sure the Quality of work was first class!

    We will definitely use him again. Thank you Charles!

    Ken G

    85 Reviews 22 photos

    This was an excellent carpet cleaning service. We had all rooms, stairs, and sanitizer in 1 bedroom done and I tell ya, this Eco-Friendly service was more than we expected. The quality is awesome, Micheal is so nice and very professional and personable. We conversated a great deal about Eco-Friendly living as he explained the environmentally friendlly products he uses. Even though we had a 5 room/hallway Groupon offer, we will DEFINITELY be using Be Green Services again.

    LaCresha Clemmons

    11 reviews · 11 ratings

    Such a great job! Very thorough and such a good deal!

    Logan Whitfill

    1 review · 1 rating

    Very good all around experience with Be Green Services for carpet cleaning. Friendly and professional technician, quality work, on time delivery, and a decent price. Thank you and see you next time!

    Collin Wilson

    23 reviews · 15 ratings