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About Be Green Carpet Cleaning

At Be Green Carpet Cleaning, we provide environmentally safe and effective cleaning services for carpets, rugs, upholstery, and pet stains. Our very-low moisture (VLM) cleaning process effectively removes dust, dirt, and microbes that can cause allergies and odors while still being safe for children and pets.

One of the main benefits of our VLM cleaning method is its fast drying time. You’ll be able to walk on your carpet immediately after service, and it will be completely dry within 2 – 4 hours.  Thanks to using 70% less water than other methods, there is no need for suctioning liquid back out. This means you won’t have to wait as long for your furniture to be ready to use again, and there is less risk of mold or mildew growth.

Not only is our VLM cleaning method fast and effective, but it is also environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets. We use eco-friendly cleaning products free of harsh chemicals and toxins, so you can trust that your home is being cleaned with safe, natural products. Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations and contribute to the world’s well-being.

Upholstery Cleaning

With our Very-low Moisture approach to cleaning, you can restore the look and feel of your upholstery by removing stains, pet hair, odors, and dirt from furniture without harsh chemicals.

Area Rug

We can safely and quickly clean your area rug right in your home.  Our proven rug cleaning process is carefully hand-detailed to ensure the safety of your natural fiber or synthetic rug of all shapes and sizes.

Carpet Cleaning

Our 5-step approach to safe carpet cleaning can help you create a healthier home environment. Our safe, eco-friendly process removes harmful microbes which can cause allergies and odors.

Pet Stain Removal

We offer professional pet stain and odor removal services to help eliminate any evidence of pet accidents in your home. Our team uses eco-friendly cleaning products and specialized techniques to remove stains and odors from carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces.

To provide a comprehensive approach to protecting your home and family’s health, we recommend adding our DeoGerm natural deodorizer with disinfecting properties and Guard. This plant-based protective coating reduces re-soiling and staining.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

The entire Be Green Carpet Cleaning team prioritizes environmental and social sustainability. Our very-low-moisture carpet and upholstery cleaning services help create healthier living spaces for our customers. Since 2011, we have proudly dedicated ourselves to positively impacting our communities. We have been fortunate to serve over 62,000 clients and provide work for skilled technicians in nine states.

One business or person cannot do sustainability alone, so we’ve chosen to contribute to One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted has planted over 40 million trees across the globe since 2014 and shares our vision of a greener world.

Through donations from our services, One Tree Planted works with its partners to grow saplings and plant them during rainy seasons. Trees are monitored to ensure growth, and then they report your impact! Through this green company, we can aid in environmental conservation and restoration and help with global reforestation efforts.

We have begun contributing to One Tree Planted this year, and with their help and yours, we intend to become one of the most sustainable green companies. 

We are committed to planting a tree for every service we provide to our customers.

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Phoenix (480) 993-2297


Denver (303) 424-5888

Fort Collins – Coming Soon

Colorado Springs – Coming Soon


Orlando – Coming Soon (407) 809-5677


Omaha (402) 201-2381

New Mexico

Albuquerque (505) 217-9158

Santa Fe

Las Vegas (702) 448-1180


Portland (503) 488-5992


Dallas (214) 550-0325

Houston – Coming Soon

Utah (385) 355-2641

Salt Lake City 


Settle (206) 274-7460

Our Hours of Operation

Be Green Carpet Cleaning Service Hours

Our residential carpet and upholstery cleaning services are scheduled Monday – Friday. We have a three-hour arrival widow with our first window beginning at 8:00am. If requested, we can notify you when our technician is en route to your property.

After-hours or weekend service appointments maybe be available with advance notice and will vary by market. 

Office Hours

Our office is open and available for your call, email, or text Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am – 6:00pm MT.


We are closed on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Our office staff typically works half days on Memorial Day and July 4th, however, holiday hours may vary.

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At Be Green Carpet Cleaning, we are committed to providing high-quality cleaning services that not only leave your home looking and smelling fresh but also contribute to the well-being of the world.

One of the key features that sets Be Green Carpet Cleaning apart from other cleaning companies is our very-low moisture (VLM) cleaning method. This innovative approach uses 70% less water than traditional cleaning methods, resulting in faster drying times and less risk of mold or mildew growth. Plus, our VLM method is environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets.

In addition to our VLM cleaning method, we also use eco-friendly cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals and toxins. This means you can trust that your home is being cleaned with safe, natural products that won’t harm your family or the environment.

So why wait? Visit today to learn more about our services and to schedule your appointment. 

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