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Be Green Services is the best organic and natural carpet cleaning in Austin. We have been cleaning carpets across the western part of the United States since 2008. We’re proud to be eco-friendly, safe and effective. We help create a thriving home environment that is healthy for you, your family and your pets. Having professionally organic and natural cleaned carpets, rugs and furniture results in a healthier home. Furniture, rugs and carpets act like your homes largest air filter. The fibers in your carpet, rugs and furniture collect and trap allergens & pollutants so you’re not breathing them in. This results in cleaner air, but with any filter they need to be properly cleaned to do their job correctly. That’s where we come in. Not only do we help improve your homes air quality but we use our safe and non toxic proprietary product that will not add any harmful elements into your home, but will actually remove residual toxins left behind from traditional carpet cleaning methods.

A Be Green carpet cleaning expert will arrive at your home for a cleaning confident and ready to help you get you and your home to a higher state of well-being. Our Be Green carpet cleaning experts in Austin will begin with a walkthrough of the areas that you wish to be cleaned. He/she will then do a thorough deep raking and vacuuming. The raking will bring out any debris hiding in your carpets and rugs to the surface. This allows the vacuum to easily remove the dirt and debris. After vacuuming our expert will then be able to point out to you other areas that may need attention. Stains that cannot be seen with the naked eye will be brought to your attention with our UV light. Once you and your Be Green carpet cleaning professional determine the best plan of action on how to get your carpets, rugs and furniture cleaned the best way possible, they’ll start the pre-treatment. The pre-treatment usually takes 15-20 minutes. Once the pre-treatment has done its work our Be Green expert will then use a buffer machine to apply our organic proprietary foam. The buffer machine will get the foam deep into the fibers of your carpets, rugs and furniture. This foam surounds all the dirt and ick and eats it away! This process is known as a dry cleaning process, We use very little water so your carpets, rugs and furniture will be ready for normal use usually within 1-2 hours after being cleaned. Our work is 100% guaranteed, effective and convenient. Be Green Services carpet cleaning in Austin is also affordable (check out our specials page here!)

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