Soil Retardant


Soil Retardant is a silicate based product boined with acrylic polumers and other products for the purpose of retarding the soil penetration process on the carpet. This select product provides an invisible finish upon the carpet that protects against soil, spots, and grit. Normal vacuuming removes dirt and grit more easily. Carpets retain their natural texture and appearance. SOIL RETARDANT can reduce soil and stain build up on carpet.

Because soil, stains, and grit vacuum out more easily, very little is left between the fibers. This minimizes the grinding motion between grit and fibers, which can wear out carpet fibers. Thus SOIL RETARDANT will add life and a cleaner appearance to the carpet.

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Directions: Dilute SOIL RETARDANT 1-50 with water and spray mist over freshly cleaned carpet only. As with all carpet products, you must always test SOIL RETARDANT on a small inconspicuous area and allow to dry. If there is any change in the color or texture do not use this product.

Advantages: Protects carpet from daily soiling * Invisible finish * Reduces wear on carpet * Adds life to carpet

Color – Milky *
Odor – None