Lemon Deodorizer


Deodorizer has a light fresh fragrance to enhance the feeling of a clean carpet. This product contains basic perfume esters and essential oils blended with fast-drying agents. Deodorizer is a versatile product for use in unlimited applications and destroys odor-causing bacteria on contact. It can be used for the removal of temporary accidental odors. Deodorizer retards the growth of mildew and destroys the odors of human and animal wastes. Deodorizer is good for mold and mildew caused by flood waters. Use as a deodorizer in convalescent homes and rooms where odors are a problem.


DIRECTIONS: Deodorizer is highly concentrated and can be dilute 1-10 or 1-3 depending on the degree of the odor to be treated in the carpet. Deodorizer can be sprayed mopped or wiped on any surface that is not harmed by solvents. On hard surfaces use a solution of 1oz. per gallon of water. As with all products test a small inconspicuous area, test with desired solution and allow to dry. If there is any change in color or texture do not use this product.

This product is not to be directly inhaled. Do not spray on edible foods or potable water.

Advantages: Can be sprayed or mopped on any surface * Destroys odor-causing bacteria * Fast drying