Deodorizer – For Everyday Household Germs & Minor Pet Issues


Adding an application of deodorizer to a standard carpet cleaning is recommended for everyone. Our formula has been perfected to attack basic household germs that we all have.

Each application covers 200-400 sq ft.

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A light, fresh, fragrance enhances the feeling of clean carpet. This product contains basic perfume esters and essential oils blended with fast-drying agents. Deodorizer is a versatile product for use in unlimited applications and destroys odor-causing bacteria on contact. Deodorizer is used for the removal of temporary odors caused by pet urine and similar debris. Deodorizer destroys the odors of human and animal wastes immediately and delays the growth of mildew in the future. Deodorizer is also great for treating carpet mold and mildew caused by flood waters. Use as a deodorizer in convalescent homes and rooms where odors are a problem.