Be Green Microfiber Towels (Pack of 27)


Highly absorbent towels that you’ll want to keep. Individually wrapped in cellophane packaging.


Ideal for various surfaces, they effortlessly clean mobile devices, tablets, computers, eyeglasses, and camera lenses. One towel, multiple uses!


Pristine Microfiber Towel (Profect) – 14 x 11 inch


Will be available for shipping soon!

Available on backorder


We’re thrilled to announce our latest promotional product – the Be Green Microfiber Cleaning Towel. This remarkable giveaway is designed to impress your customers and serve as more than just a freebie; it’s a key instrument for nurturing relationships and encouraging customer loyalty.


These towels are crafted for distribution among your most esteemed clients, particularly those who resonate with our enthusiasm for cleanliness and green initiatives. By selectively offering these towels, you’re presented with a unique opportunity to intensify your bond with such customers, acknowledging their loyalty and your shared values.


When you observe a client showing particular interest, or expressing their admiration for eco-friendly solutions, present them with one of our Be Green Microfiber Cleaning Towels. This gesture will not only assist in maintaining their living spaces, but also communicate your gratitude for their faith in your services.


Bear in mind, these towels are not just a gift – they’re a conversation starter, a relationship cultivator, and a testament to our mutual dedication to quality service and sustainable living. Employ them strategically to establish stronger, more meaningful connections with your top-tier customers.


By leveraging these promotional towels tactically, you’re doing more than merely giving away a gift – you’re showcasing your focus on customer appreciation, attention to detail, and a shared passion for cleanliness and the environment. This approach can significantly aid in strengthening your rapport with your clients, boosting their loyalty, and eventually, promoting repeat business.


Our Be Green Microfiber Cleaning Towels are more than just a useful cleaning accessory – they’re a symbol of our joint commitment to eco-friendly practices. We invite you to order these towels and distribute them to your customers, reinforcing our shared message of environmental responsibility while offering a practical tool they are sure to appreciate.


Order your towels today, and let’s contribute to a cleaner and greener world together.


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