Be Green Dog Treats (27 packs)


Each order you place will include 20 packs, each containing six of these high-quality dog treats.


As fellow dog lovers, we understand the importance of knowing what goes into our pets’ treats. In light of this, we’ve made sure to print the ingredient list on each label for your customers’ peace of mind. These treats contain no hidden fillers – just honest, nutritious ingredients.


But the goodwill doesn’t stop at delicious treats! Each pack also includes a $50 credit code printed on the label. Your customers can use this code themselves or pass it on to a friend. Although the code doesn’t have an expiration date, remember that any services booked using this code will still require a booking minimum of $99.95.


We’re excited to introduce our newest promotional item – the Be Green Premium Oven Baked Pet Treats. This fantastic giveaway is sure to delight your customers and serve as more than just a giveaway; they are a valuable tool for relationship-building and customer retention.


These treats are intended to be shared with your most valued clients, especially those who share our passion for dogs and eco-friendly practices. By selectively offering these packs, you have a unique opportunity to deepen your connection with such clients, showing your recognition of their loyalty and your shared interests.


When you notice that a customer is particularly engaged, or when they express their love for their furry companions, offer them a pack of our Be Green Premium Oven Baked Pet Treats. This gesture will not only bring joy to their pets but also convey your appreciation for their trust in your services.


What sets these pet treats apart is their alignment with our company’s eco-friendly ethos. They’re oven-baked to perfection, made from responsibly sourced all-natural ingredients, and are completely grain-free. This makes them a great choice even for pets with dietary restrictions or sensitivities.


Remember, these treats are more than just a gift – they’re a conversation starter, a relationship builder, and a testament to our shared commitment to quality service and sustainable living. Use them wisely to build stronger, more meaningful connections with your most valued customers.


By using these promotional treats strategically, you’re doing more than just handing out a gift – you’re demonstrating your attention to detail, customer appreciation, and a shared love for pets and the environment. This can significantly help in strengthening the bond with your clients, enhancing their loyalty, and ultimately, promoting repeat business.


Our Be Green Premium Oven Baked Pet Treats are more than just a delightful snack for pets – they’re a symbol of our collective commitment to sustainable practices. We encourage you to order these packs and share them with your customers, amplifying our shared message of environmental consciousness while offering a treat their pets are sure to love.


Order your packs today, and let’s make a positive impact together.