506 Spotting Powder


506 Spotter Powder is formulated based on microgranulator enzymes technology. Many enzymes are vulnerable to oxidation of their long chains of amino acids. 506 Spotter Powder will effectively hydrolize peptide bands within protein molecules even in the presence of oxidizers. 506 Spotter Powder readily removes protein stains due to grass, blood, feces, and food. This product is fully biodegradable and readily soluble in detergent solutions at all concentrations.

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Directions: For spot cleaning carpets use 2oz per gallon solution using warm water. Spray on stains 3 to 5 minutes before shampooing.

If you are not shampooing then use clean rags and remove stains and let the surface dry before vacuuming. (Do not rub rags on stains, just mild pressure with hand.)

For traffic areas, spray on 2 to 3 minutes before shampooing.

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