Lesson 2. How Does It Work?


Hello there!

Welcome! We’re happy you’re interested in becoming a Be Green provider. We’ve helped hundreds of people earn extra money while being their own boss. We bring the customers and workload to you. You decide which jobs you take and you decide your own schedule.

How does it work?

Once you’re registered and verified with us you will be appointed jobs at the times you request. You will only receive notifications when you’ve made yourself available. (Too many declined job/appointments may result in account suspension). Once you’ve accepted the job/appointment you will receive all the info you need to get the job done. Make sure you have all the right equipment, supplies and skills to successfully complete the job. Once the job is complete to both the customer’s and your satisfaction, you mark the job as complete, have the customer sign off for payment and get paid! You can work as much as full time or as little as a few hours a month.

Before we jump in and get you started, we first need to clarify a few things. We require all of our providers to NEVER accept cash payments or any other type of payment that is non Be Green app related. Accepting payments that are not paid for through our app from our customers can and will result in suspension and/or deactivation. Customers are also informed to never pay our providers any type of payment except through our app. Customers will also be suspended and/or deactivated if they are trying to pay through alternative methods.

Be Green customers come to us because we offer a convenient and safe service that just gets things done faster. We ask our providers only perform jobs/appointments that are verified through our Be Green app.  As a Be Green provider you agree and accept the terms of adhering to our policy of payment and to only do jobs and appointments for our customers that have been posted and accepted through our Be Green app. Accepting jobs/appointments from our customers without adding them in our Be Green app can and will result in suspension and possible deactivation.