Lesson 3. Using The Be Green App

Here you’ll learn the basics of using our web app. This is the heart of Be Green and will contain all the information you need to set your schedule, manage appointments, and view your payment info.

Find your daily Bookings & Client Information

All clients will be assigned for the following day each night at 6:00pm. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the app daily to review your client’s location & windows of arrival.

To access our web app all you need to do is type srvnu.com into your browser.

* TIP* Although this url is very short & easy to remember, we suggest adding it to your bookmarks/favorites. This way, you’ll never have to type it out again.

2) Type in your Login Credentials

After your application has been reviewed & accepted you will receive your login credentials from us.


3) From the dropdown menu -> Mobile App

This will show your currently assigned jobs for today. (This is where you can do your part of the paperwork with each job)

*IMPORTANT* Alerts are meant to simply be reminders to check the app and YOU SHOULD NOT RELY ON THESE ALERTS if for some reason you do not receive them.

Setting Your Schedule & Availability

1) From the Tools drop down menu select Set My Schedule

Here you’ll be able to view your upcoming availability. All changes must be made at least 2 weeks prior. Although, you can edit your availability for the current week, any previously scheduled jobs will not be affected.


2) Tell us when you’ll be Unavailable

You can easily select any day to view your available time slots. The pop up menu will allow you to change any time slot red simply by clicking it once. If you’d like to make the entire day unavailable then mark all the time slots on that day red.


3) Choose your unavailable time slot Frequency

After turning your unavailable time slots red for that day you will need to submit the changes by selecting either “Every day forward” or “Just this day.” If you clicked a day by accident click “cancel” to go back to the calendar without making any changes.

Review Your Payment Information

1) From the Tools drop down menu select Reports

Here you’ll be able to view company documents & statistics. Updated live every 2 seconds.

2) Select Contractor Billing from the sub-menu

You’ll find it as the last option on the right hand side. Also, notice all the other options available to you.

3) Set The Week-Ending date you’d like to view

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