Himalayan Salt Lamps- Let the Good Vibes Glow!

Creating a relaxed and healthy home environment is one of our #1 priorities at Be Green Services. We are devoted to cleaning our customers homes and carpets with organic and natural products. We also educate our customers on how to create a healthy home. Himalayan salt lamps can play a vital role in creating a self thriving home environment. Not only do they offer a calming light, but there are also health benefits that himalayan salt lamps provide.

Some of the benefits are:

-improving allergies and breathing problems
-provide a calming and relaxing ambience
-provide a higher sense of well-being
-less headaches and migraines
-reduced stress
-improves sleep
-less colds and illness from airborne viruses.

How do these lamps work?

Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic. This means the salt attracts the water molecules from the surrounding air. These water molecules carry around allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander and even some bacteria and viruses. The water molecules remain on the salt and not floating in the air where you could potentially breathe them in. Once the salt lamp attracts these water molecules the heat from the lamp dries up the water molecules, and absorb the pollutants. This cycle continues for as long as the lamp light is turned on.

We think of himalayan salt lamps as “good vibe creators”. They do really make a difference in a home. It’s not just a difference you can see,  it’s a difference you can feel!

Let the good vibes glow!

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They also make excellent gifts for any occasion!