Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Seattle, Washington

Be Green Carpet Cleaning in Seattle is a natural dry carpet cleaning company that services our customers in a natural organic way.

Our innovative proprietary product has been imitated from nature. We use the power of nature to get our Seattle customer’s carpets deep cleaned with very low impact on the environment. Our eco-friendly services not only promote the health of our customer’s homes and the environment, but we also use very little water to do it. Be Green carpet cleaners in Seattle use, on average, only 3-5 gallons of water per appointment. Compared to traditional methods, which can use anywhere from 200-500 gallons of water!!

Using less water preserves the life of carpets and water conservation.

Be Green Carpet Cleaning in Seattle doesn’t stop at being environmentally friendly:

We are also child-friendly and pet friendly. The proprietary product we use is harmless to children and pets. We remove all the unwanted dirt and stains from our Seattle customer’s carpets without leaving behind toxic chemicals that will be continually exposed to children and pets. Our revolutionary process will actually remove toxic elements lingering in carpets left from previous traditional carpet cleaners.

Pet stain and odor removal can be a challenge (especially in removing cat urine smells). Our Seattle customers know that we offer a powerful natural approach to pet stain and odor removal. Our Seattle Be Green carpet cleaners eradicate pet stains and odors safely. We know how much our Seattle customers love their pets. They choose us because they know we will safely remove pet stains and odors and provide a healthier home for their pets to thrive in.

Not only are we professional natural organic carpet cleaners. We specialize in rug cleaning. From traditional area rugs to fine oriental and Persian rugs. Give us a call today at (206) 274-7460 to find out more, as well as find out about our carpet cleaning coupons, deals, and discounts. We are always offering great deals to our recurring Seattle customers and our new customers!

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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Seattle, Washington

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