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Carpet Cleaning in Houston, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Houston

The best organic and natural carpet cleaning in Houston, Texas.

Be Green Services has been providing the best natural and organic carpet cleaning in 9 different states since 2008. We offer a smart and effective process to getting your carpets, furniture and rugs professionally cleaned. We are proud to be eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe to you, your family and pets. Our process is gentle but highly effective. Be Green Services carpet cleaning in Houston is 100% guaranteed and convenient.

Our carpet cleaning experts will arrive to your scheduled carpet cleaning prepared and confident. We begin with going through the areas that you want to be cleaned. Our expert will then get to work starting with a thorough and deep vacuuming. We use a rake that will bring up debris to the surface that are hidden deep within the fibers of your carpets. After raking and vacuuming your Be Green carpet cleaning expert will then go over with you any other areas in your home that may need attention. Our professional will inform and educate you on what is needed to do the best possible cleaning while he/she is in your home. Our expert will even show you stains that cannot be seen by the naked eye with a UV light. Once you and your Be Green expert create a plan of action that works best for you, our expert will begin with the pre-treatment process of the areas that need to be cleaned. The pre-treatment process usually takes 15-20 minutes. After the pre-treatment our professional will use a buffer machine to apply our proprietary organic and natural foam product. The buffer machine is able to embed the foam deep into the fibers of your carpets. This foam will surround and digest any unwanted debris hidden away in your carpets, rugs and furniture. After the foam is applied, your carpets, rugs, and furniture will be ready to use usually within 1-2 hours of cleaning. Our dry carpet cleaning process uses very little water. This means that mold and mildew cannot form in the padding. This also means there is no excessive wear and tear, helping to prolong the lifespan of your valuable investments.

Organic and natural carpet cleaning in Houston is an excellent way to get your home healthier. After all. your furniture, rugs, and carpets act like a large filter capturing all the allergens and pollutants that would otherwise be floating around in the air that you breathe. Getting a regular professional cleaning with us will improve the quality of the air inside your home, creating a healthier indoor environment. A healthy home results in a healthier YOU!

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