Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Fort Collins, Colorado

Carpet Cleaning Fort Collins

Providing a healthy household and an eco-friendly environment is at the center of everything we do at Be Green Carpet Cleaning in Fort Collins.

Our customers choose us because our method to clean carpets is environmentally friendly. It is our goal to offer our Fort Collins customers a smarter and more effective option to get their carpets expertly cleaned.

Our carpet cleaning in Fort Collins provides carpet and upholstery cleaning using our natural, non-toxic, proprietary products. Our technique is emulated from nature. It deep cleans and revives your home’s carpets without harsh chemicals, while using nature’s natural abilities to get your carpets clean the smart way . Our adherence to being green does not stop there. We use only 3-5 gallons of water throughout our cleaning process. This not only lessens our environmental impact, it provides a healthier home.

Be Green Carpet Cleaning is a pet friendly natural dry carpet cleaning company. We know that pets are a part of family. However they can create challenges when it comes to keeping carpets clean and healthy when pet accidents happen.

Pet stain and odor removal can be a very difficult , it’s especially hard to remove cat urine smells from carpets. These pet stains will attract your pets to have more accidents in that same area. Be Green Carpet Cleaning will eliminate pet stains and  odors from your carpets, rugs and upholstery through our revolutionary cleaning proprietary product that will get down to even the padding of the carpet that removes the odor and stain causing elements.

Our Fort Collins customers come back to us not only for our professional natural carpet cleaning, but also our expert area, oriental, persian and other fine rug cleaning services we offer.  Be Green specializes in fine and area rug cleaning so you can rest assured your rugs will be professionally cleaned the natural organic way.

Be Green Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to clean our Fort Collins customers carpets, upholstery and rugs that promote the health of their family and pets. We are child friendly and pet friendly while providing  longer lasting, more effective and healthier clean carpets for a happier eco-friendly environment.

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  • Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Fort Collins, Colorado
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