Carpet Cleaning Colorado Springs

Carpet Cleaning Colorado Springs

The best organic and natural carpet cleaning in Colorado Springs.

Be Green Services carpet cleaning Colorado Springs provides the best organic and natural carpet cleaning! We’ve been creating healthier carpets, rugs and furniture in Colorado Springs for over 8 years. We’ve got a cutting edge proprietary product that emulates nature to get your carpets, rugs and furniture cleaned the smart and effective way. Our process is guaranteed to safely clean without adding more pollutants and harsh chemicals into your home. Be Green Services believes well-being begins at home. After all a healthy clean home is proven to elevate mood and reduce stress, that’s why we start from the bottom up.

Our expert Colorado Springs carpet cleaners start with raking your carpets. The raking will bring up debris, dust and dirt to the surface. Next, we thoroughly vacuum the area to set the stage for the real magic to begin! After vacuuming we pre-treat the area. The pre-treatment will sit for 15-20 minutes. Then we apply our organic & natural foam with our buffer machine. This foam surrounds all the dirt and ick deeply embedded in your carpets, rugs and furniture encapsulates it and eats it away! We finish with a rake and Ta Da. You are free to walk on your carpets and rugs within 1-2 hours of cleaning. Furniture will be useable again within an hour of being cleaned. You’re carpets, rugs and furniture will be noticeably fresher, fluffier and will leave you with a smile on your face!

We are very proud of what we do. We love to educate and inform our customers on how to keep their carpets, rugs and furniture looking great in between our natural and organic cleanings.

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We love all opportunities to get you and your family in a higher state of well-being!

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