Carpet Cleaners

All carpet cleaning methods & previous experience is welcome

We’re open to review all equipment and processes, our goal is to find the best providers for all available methods. Our clients have the choice and opportunity to experience whatever carpet cleaning process they desire. Encapsulation, Dry Foam, Hot Water Extraction (Portables must be approved), Steam Extraction, Truck Mounted Systems (Low Moisture Only), Bonnett Systems, or Von Schrader.

Rotary floor machine (175 RPM)

Commercial Vacuum

Rotary Brush (.22 Gauge)

Carpet Rake (Firm Nylon)

Pressure Sprayers ½ Gallon (4)

Pressure Sprayers 1-3 Gallon (2)

14 Quart Buckets (3)

Professional Work Shirt

Powerful UV Black Light

Rake Pick Tool

Multiple Scrub Brushes

1 Quart Bottles (5-6)

As if you didn't already know! We should still mention that all of our providers must have a reliable vehicle to drive to appointments, a valid driver's license and auto insurance. We also require a clean background check. We're always seeking service providers who have a solid work ethic and great customer service skills!

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