Carpet Cleaning Deodorizer Information

What is Be Green's carpet deodorizer with disinfectant?

Be Green’s deodorizer contains a powerful disinfectant that effectively treats a wide variety of biological contamination including pet stains and bodily fluids leaving behind a light, fresh fragrance blended from essential oils.

Why do I need deodorizer with disinfectant?

Depending on the level of soiling and the presence of pet stains or bodily fluids (found under UV light) in your carpets, stairs, and upholstered furniture, your service provider may recommend using a deodorizer with disinfectant. 

Biological contamination, such as those found in pet accidents can cause odor and discoloration in your carpet’s fiber. If not properly treated, these can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria.

The Science behind carpet deodorizer with disinfectant:

To ensure that your carpets look and smell their best, Be Green Carpet Cleaning uses a Very Low Moisture (VLM) process known as encapsulation. This process consists of the following 5-steps: 

  1. Power Rake
  2. Professional Vacuum
  3. Pretreatment
  4. Very Low-Moisture (VLM) Cleanse
  5. Final Grooming

When necessary, the deodorizer with disinfectant is added to step 3 of the VLM cleaning process. This powerful solution can destroy odor-causing bacteria through a process called denaturation. The process involves breaking many weak linkages or bonds within a protein molecule.

Our deodorizer with disinfectant is an organic chemical that is water soluble, readily biodegradable, and safe for pets, kids, and the environment.

How much does deodorizer with disinfectant cost?

Most treatments of deodorizer with disinfectant require an additional cost. Your service provider will discuss these options with you before beginning treatment. Recommended treatments are optional and will be suggested if evidence of contamination is found using a specialized UV light or if visible to the naked eye. Your expertly trained carpet cleaning service provider will carefully access your entire home and make you aware of any necessary treatments.

The number of treatments, surface area, and severity will be explained and considered when determining cost.