Be Green COVID-19 Updated Information May 19th 2020:

Be Green COVID-19 Updated Information May 19th 2020:

Due to popular demand we will now be accepting disinfection fogging service requests in Colorado. Our fogging disinfectant is EPA approved for COVID-19, hospital grade and available upon request. At this time, our fogging services are ONLY available in Colorado, however we are working diligently to make them available in our other markets.
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Be Green COVID-19 Updated Information March 19th 2020:
Hello valued customer,

We want to give you an update with how things are going with our business as we cautiously navigate our way though this pandemic.

There’s been on-going discussion and careful consideration about whether or not we will continue to operate during these times of quarantine. We here at Be Green understand how important it is to keep our services available to you. The decision has been made to keep our doors open and continue to service our clients with the utmost amount of caution. We feel that we owe it to you and our employees to be as careful as possible to continue to provide services. As a local business we rely on your continued support to contribute to economic stability and work hard to disinfect this dangerous virus in your homes. Unfortunately, our business is not one that can continue to operate “from home” like others in our community. If we were to shut our doors, our cleaners and other employees will greatly suffer and we want to do everything we can to keep them healthy, physically and financially.

There has been a shortage of disinfectant and other household cleaners on Amazon, in stores, and other retailers. However, we use products that are not typically available to residential customers and continue to work exclusively with our chemical manufacturer. With that being said, we have plenty of our all natural & organic germicide/disinfectant in stock and are scheduling/completing appointments as fast and carefully as we can.

Thanks for being patient, and please schedule your appointment early.

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Our workplace plan to help slow the spread COVID-19:

  • We are now requiring our service providers to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds in between each appointment.
  • We are also requiring our service providers to wipe down and disinfect their equipment and mobile devices in between each appointment.
  • We have also implemented an automatic electronic hand washing and personal hygiene reminder system within our proprietary scheduling application.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to service any nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or containment zones until further notice.
  • As a courtesy to our elders and high risk clients, we are adding a FREE disinfectant solution to our cleaning process.

We would like to thank the healthcare workers, responders, and emergency service providers around the world for putting their lives on the line to help keep our communities safe.

Below, we have also included the official prevention slides from the CDC for keeping homes, and workplaces safe.

Free disinfectant policy valid for clients who are 65+ and cannot be combined with any other offers.

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